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Ronaldo Wiltshire
— Tutor

Ronaldo creates functional and decorative ceramic art; his pieces are often glazed in his own recipes which are earthenware and inspired by colours from the Caribbean island Barbados where he was born.

As a boy, he had a great passion for art. Being the son of two potters he spent most of his time in their workshops. By his early teens he had learnt various hand-building techniques, slip casting, glaze preparation as well as throwing on the potter’s wheel and became very involved in production at his father's workshop.

Ronaldo completed an Art & Design Foundation Diploma at Croydon College, before his BA Hons Degree in Product Design at Ravensbourne Design College. Ronaldo is currently working on a series of pieces which will portray personal experiences from his childhood to present day. He intends to showcase this series Autumn 2018.

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