Kingsgate Artists at HSoA

Kingsgate Artists at HSoA

I am delighted to be exhibiting a selection of artists who work at Kingsgate Studios.

Kingsgate offers a unique combination of facilitates and a diverse range of studios whose artists actively produce critical discourse exploring the cross over between fine art and craft-making, allowing for the exchange of skills and the development of critical and contemporary dialogues around fabrication and image making and object making. The studios output is for high quality contemporary art set in a unique affordable studio environment that houses dedicated provisions for both artists and designer-makers.

HSoA is proud that many of our teaching artists are based at Kingsgate Studios.

Isabel H Langtry, Principal HSoA

'Reinvigorate' Yvette Kissi
'Small Blue Spring' Anastasia Lewis
'Body Two' Nari Priestly
Alison Cook
'I am that merry wanderer' Marie-Therese Ross
'Carp 2' Cosmin Ciofirdel
'Beach Bodies' Theresa Pateman