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Foundation and Advanced Course Exhibition

Foundation and Advanced Course Exhibition

Graduation awards presented by Museum Director Stephen Snoddy.

The Advanced Course programme is focused on developing skills essential to the successful development of sustainable studio practice. This is an intensive programme of study with discussion and research based development, including taught units and independent projects. Complimented with visits to celebrated artists studios, developing work comprises practical and theoretical thinking and the production of series of work that may include painting, 2D and 3D forms, print designs and lens based media. The courses provide an opportunity to question your current thinking, challenging perceptions to explore or find a new location. This year’s students are involved in active practice, working from professional studios or working from the art school itself.

Foundation Course Level 3

The HSoA Foundation Course an experimental learning course leading to our own certificate, independently moderated to meet national standard. Art history, contemporary practise and museum visits underpin the creative development of each candidate. Weekly constructive critiques ensure the continuing progress and direction of individual work, while student write on the cultural context of their developing work, the result is a high activity exploration our students are highly valued by the best Universities in the world.