Spatial Drawing

Wednesdays 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm


 NEW  This class will focus on the art of Observational Drawing, exploring both contemporary and traditional experimental processes including 3D spatial drawing; motion capture drawing; digital real-time/postproduction drawing analysis.

Consisting of a combination of practical exercises, experimental inquiry, demonstrative presentations and optional group discussions. Each class will explore (in detail) specific forms of Drawing, considering different aspects of Perception, Attention, Memory, Decision-making and Emotion.

For beginners, the class will provide a thorough introduction to the fundamental techniques and processes underlying Drawing Practice, as the class progresses students will have the opportunity to focus more on developing an individual language through exploring such techniques. For more advanced students the class will aim to refine but also re-examine one’s Drawing Practice in order to open up new areas of creative inquiry. 

While the class will focus on Observational Drawing, the subject matter will vary according to each class and the students personal preferences. The class aims to cover a broad spectrum of Observational Drawing whilst maintaining a detailed inquiry into the nuances and refined possibilities of Drawing Practice. When these inquiries are incorporated into the larger spectrum of a Drawing Practice, a new level of resolution will hopefully be achieved in one’s own Practice and thus furthering the possibilities of a creative freedom. 


£249.00 (12 weeks)


Leon Platt

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