U3A- University of the Third Age


Hampstead School of Art and U3A London (University of the Third Age London) is an exciting partnership between two organisations whose mission is to serve people by creating high quality learning opportunities and widen participation. 

U3A London are proud funding partners with Hampstead School of Art ensuring a sustainable future of the Covent Garden Outreach Group.

U3A was based on an original idea from France and founded in the UK in 1982 by Brian Groombridge in London and by Peter Laslett in Cambridge. U3A London consists of a group of men and women who are no longer in full time employment and meet together to study a wide range of subjects. All meetings (except Monday Talks) take place in the old Hampstead Town Hall, on Monday to Friday during term time. There are currently about 180 study groups on offer, all of which are run by members.

"We are not university in the modern sense of a body which awards degrees, but in the original sense of a community of people engaged in learning – and learning from each other. Many of our tutors are highly qualified – other very popular tutors have no qualifications at all. It is a policy of our U3A that no qualifications are requested, and none are given. We offer no examinations, certificates or qualifications: we study for the pleasure of learning, and the leaders of our groups are called “co-ordinators” rather than teachers or lecturers, because learning is seen as a co-operative process."  U3A in London

Hampstead School of Art in partnership with U3A London is delighted that the Covent Garden Outreach project 'Drawn Together’ has grown so substantially over the last 8 months, we are now planning a second art group.

Participant feedback is excellent and many report that the art group is what they look forward to most each week.

“My hands feel more flexible and thinking through the projects that the tutor sets is fun and keeps me thinking,” says Anne.

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