James Bullimore

James Bullimore
Print by James Bullimore


James Bullimore is an artist who works using drawing, photography, printmaking and performance.  He uses two-dimensional and three-dimensional mediums 

“Repetition is increasingly developing into an integral part of my practice. It is not solely present in the series of photographs and prints I produce, but also in the recurring distress instigated on the materials. This is evident when the inked plate is squeezed through the press; it triggers an unexpected and uncontrolled result.
    The traditional boundaries of printmaking are dismissed with the dramatic scale and the combination of the sculptural components. Increasing the scale of the prints to an overpowering dimension creates an unusual embodied viewing experience of printmaking, evoking the phenomenal conditions by dwarfing the spectator so that they are aware of the close physical contact required to make the work."

James teaches Children's After School Club on Monday afternoon, Children's Painting and Drawing on Saturday morning and Drawing and Experimental Printmaking for Older Children on Saturday afternoon. 

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