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Hampstead Christmas Festival and Primrose Hill Festival

A pug and owner pose with the HSoA peep board

On Sunday 29th November HSoA took part in two local Festivals, Hampstead Christmas Festival and Primrose Hill Festival.

Almost 200 ‘Winter Wonderland’ drawings and paintings were submitted and displayed next to HSoA’s stand at the Unitarian Church, during Hampstead Christmas Festival. The prize winners were selected after much deliberation and will be presented at HSoA on Tuesday 8 December at 5.30pm. Prizewinners will be notified.

Schools that took part included: Sarum Hall, Hampstead School of Art, Hereward House School, Phoenix School, South Hampstead High School, Hampstead Hill School, Christ Church School, Hampstead Parochial School, Beckford School and The Academy School. 

HSoA also had a presence at Primrose Hill Festival. A ‘peep board’ was set up on the covered forecourt outside Primrose Hill Pets, 132 Regents Park Road, at the kind invitation of shop owner, Gail Levy, who is a supportive proactive student at HSoA. HSoA Silk Painting tutor, Tony Wigg co-ordinated the stand, writes:

“The stand was set up to raise the profile of HSoA with the most wonderful fairground peep board painted by Sarah John. The board features a circus scene with a bowler hatted red coated circus ringmaster holding a hoop, through which a small ruff collared dog jumps daintily above a demure lion on his smart red drum. Customers using Gail's shop, as well as those enjoying the street festival, were able to enjoy the extra attraction of our peep board. A wonderful sign made by Sarah's son Tim perfectly advertised the Hampstead School of Art for all to see in bold colourful fairground letters. This was a perfect public event 'magnet' to engage and promote our school. Children and adults alike needed no encouragement to recognise this traditional fun fair attraction capturing perfectly, in style, the mood of a festival. Children, parents and dogs poked their faces through the three respective face holes and had their picture taken by HSoA student, Rosa Rivolta.  Rosa was able to offer them pics on their own cellphones for their own amusement, free of charge, while Tony Wigg documented the same shots for the school website, (AS SHOWN BELOW). Although it was very windy, everyone was protected under the pet shop canopy and the rain stayed away.” 

Many thanks to the many people who helped at the two events: 

Hampstead Christmas Festival: Anat Sherman, Diana Vowles, Reg Boorer and Lesley Robb 

Primrose Hill Festival: Sarah John, Tim Wilson, Tony Wigg, Rosa Rivolta, Irene Kavooris and Averil Nottage. Our thanks to Gail Levy without whom the day would not have been possible.

For technical assistance at both festivals: Michal Bilewicz, Daniele Maurizi, Derek Ogbourne and Isabel Langtry.

And thank you to students and friends who came along to support us and continue to promote the school thereby raising public awareness of who we are, putting HSoA firmly on the local map.


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