Posted Thursday, 18 September, 2014 by Rob Martin

HSoA student, Gerry Defries, in New York


Here is the article from the Artmine website:


Gerry Defries

I discovered my interest in painting around 20 years ago, primarily as a relief from the stress of my professional life. After attending the Hampstead School of Art for some 13 years I have painted in all mediums and now favour painting in acrylics on canvas. I have developed my own style using both brushwork and palette knives and often find inspiration from the sea.

I am clearly influenced by the Impressionists, whose work fills me with enthusiasm, particularly the colour palette of Matisse. A love for sailing is a common factor in several of my pieces, and I have painted in Europe and the Caribbean. I love to fill my works with positive memories, and I am often told that my paintings are calming and bring people happiness.

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