Posted Monday, 11 May, 2015 by Sarah John

HSoA Gallery Exhibition of works by Caroline Deane

Line, light, colour and time 11 May to 27 June

Caroline Deane - Line, light colour and time
Caroline Deane, Nude - pastel on paper

This exhibition draws together Caroline Deane's works on paper and canvas, exquisite still life paintings and dynamic life drawings.  As an artist, she describes herself as a classically influenced contemporary artist. She also draws much inspiration from ancient Chinese philosophy – more the ideas behind traditional oriental painting than the actual paintings themselves.

Her exploration of the human figure, balancing the muted subtle tones of the human flesh with at times strikingly colourful drawing surfaces. Her approach in all her work is to first explore “what it feels like” then “what it looks like”. In the first stage her drawings are completely abstract. In the latter stage, they become more structured, representational pieces.

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FREE EVENT - come and hear Caroline discuss her work with Estelle Lovatt click here for details

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