Posted Wednesday, 3 July, 2013 by Rob Martin

Paint the Heath and Hampstead Summer Festival

A wonderful sketch in a short space of time

Hampstead Summer Festival was great. Picture the Heath looked wonderful and HSoA student June Corpuz sold both her paintings very quickly -

"Thank you and thank you for the opportunity to exhibit.  HSA has done for me what “it says on the tin”; unleashed the artist in me!!"
I was completely bowled over on Sunday and could not stop smiling!!"
June Corpuz


tl_files/News/Paint the Heath/June-Corpuz-by-her-pictures.jpg tl_files/News/Paint the Heath/June-Corpuz-trees.jpg
tl_files/News/Paint the Heath/paint-the-heath-bridge-pic.jpg tl_files/News/Paint the Heath/Paint-the-Heath-artist-canvas-tent.jpg


Photograph of The Picture the Heath tent
The Picture the Heath tent

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