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Terms & Conditions


Hampstead School of Art is a self-funding, non-profitmaking, community art education charity

Fees are payable in advance in full and are non-refundable.

Payments can be made by credit or debit card. Ring 020 7794 1439 or come to the office, which is open 9–7pm weekdays, 9–5pm on Saturdays and Sundays 10–3pm.

Credits for missed classes are not available. It is, however, possible to make up two missed classes within the same term only and only when there is a place in the class of your choice.

It is possible to change classes if there is a place in an alternative class that term.

Several courses are especially designed for beginners.

Unless otherwise stated, classes are suitable for all levels.

The School does not accept liability for loss or damage to materials or art work left in the School. Belongings are left at the students’ own risk.

The School cannot accept responsibility for any accident or mishap subject to anything in the general law to the contrary.

Course prices are correct at the time of publication.

Changes to courses and/or other activities, including exhibitions, are made at the Principal’s discretion.

Please inform the art school office if you have a medical condition that we need to be aware of.

HSoA reserves the right to cancel, combine or reschedule courses or substitute tutors as necessary.

Students agree to the HSoA Student Charter on registration.


Respect between all parties is of the utmost importance, derogatory, disruptive and negative behaviour will not be tolerated.

We welcome diversity as a source of strength.

We will enable students to study to the best of their potential.

If wished we are happy to advise students about which of our courses would best meet their objectives.

Your tutor will ask you to tidy up just before the end of class. Please ensure that the studio is left clean and tidy for the next class.

Appropriate health & safety equipment is supplied. Always make sure that you use it as directed by your tutor.

Eating or drinking in not permitted in the studios.

Studios are set up by the art school technicians before each session for safety reasons and in line with the art school policy students are unable to gain entry to studios until 10 munuites before the session starts and only when the tutor is present and are not able to stay beyond the session finish time.

Mobile phones should be switched off during sessions.

If you are unavoidably late on occasion please join the class after break time if you are joining a life-class, persistent lateness is disruptive and cannot be tolerated.

Please name every piece of work including sketchbooks, so that you will be able to track your progress, and we will hopefully be able to reunite you with your work if it gets mislaid.

We will tell students the cost of courses. All courses are offered to students at a competitive price.

Lockers can be hired on a termly basis and must be left empty at the end of term, the art school will remove locks from any lockers which do not comply.

There is a complaints procedure; please ask in the school office.

Isabel H Langtry Principal And the Trustees of Hampstead School of Art Registered Charity No.1072327


Artists must be 16 years plus.

Membership runs from August to September and costs £60 - you are guaranteed 3 exhibitions

Artists may submit up to 3 works. All artworks must be originals or short limited edition of handmade prints.

Paintings must be dry.

Work should list artists name, title, medium, contact details and price.

All work must be for sale. 30% commission is charged on each sale.

All work on paper must be framed, no clip frames, or glass please.

Canvases stretched on good quality frames are acceptable without frames.

Unless otherwise stated artworks should have a wire across the back for hanging.

All work must be submitted in ‘jiffy bags’ - available from the school office.

Work must be collected from HSoA within 3 days of the final date of the exhibition, thereafter, uncollected work will be donated to charity.

Artists take part in the events at their own risk. HSoA does not accept responsibility for any loss, breakage, damage or theft of their work. Please have personal insurance in place.

All work must be inoffensive and its suitability is solely at the discretion of the school. HSoA reserves the right to reject work for exhibition.

Work will be displayed wherever it is felt best without prior arrangement with the artist.

Artists will be reimbursed via bacs within 30 days of the sale transaction.

Terms and conditions may be subject to change.

On registering for this membership individuals will be bound by these terms.

Special conditions may apply for individual exhibitions please check with art school office.

Membership is available through the school office.