Raoul Orzabal - Baroque Cubism

Starting Tuesday, 30 January 2018 · 12:00 am – 11:59 pm



Raoul Orzabal
Baroque Cubism

30 January - 23 Feburary 2018

Private View Tue 30 Jan 2018 6–8.30pm 

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"We are delighted to be exhibiting the paintings of Raoul Orzabal. The vitality and culture of Orzabal is palpable in his work. He is a prolific and irrepressible presence, allowing us to select from luscious portraits as well as abstract works for this show. ‘Baroque Cubism’ is a term coined by Orzabal himself and reflects the way Baroque connects extreme light and shadow for example, in one painting. The influence of Cubism’s cool geometries alongside contemporary digital technology is reinterpreted by Orzabal into visual illusion integrating new media as an essential part of the compositions like static oscillations forcing your eyes to create the movement disrupting the seamless logic of Orzabal's painted surface, brilliant. Orzabal is creating an architectural world of invented intricately painted chambers. These are tiled in gradations of colour or contrasting colours, the shapes recalling perspective grids which can be found underlying Renaissance masterpieces. Orzabal juxtaposes these alongside geometries of the modern digital realm, their bright energy underscored by seemingly infinite variations. The fractured surfaces, verging on geological can be found in compositions held together with natural rhythms, both decorative and structural and brilliantly described by him as ‘Baroque Cubism’. The contrasting series of portraits are an indication of Orzabal's range, his ability as well as his interest in the human condition. Charming, insightful doing what a portrait should in my mind, going beyond the obvious, responding and interpreting the sitter, using references to the classical approach in a refreshing personal way. This is exciting work." Isabel H Langtry Principal HSoA

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