Reg Boorer- And now for something

Starting Tuesday, 23 January 2018 · 12:00 am – 11:59 pm




23 January – 28 February ‘And now for something completely different'

A lifetime of work and play by Reg Boorer Glass Gallery


Reg Boorer has been painting, drawing and collecting most of his adult life. He studied at Farnham School of Art from 1959, when he was 13, until 1965 when he went to The London College of Printing. Since graduating in 1968, he worked in publishing and in the 1970s was a part-time lecturer at LCP and visiting lecturer on other BA courses. Around 1972, he got involved with the newly formed Friends of the Earth and in the mid 1970s, began working with Greenpeace, subsequently becoming creative director for the UK . He was a board member for a number of years and was responsible for developing the Greenpeace international brand. In the course of his career, Reg has worked with fruitarians, porn dealers and rock stars; made a three metre-high paper mache jam jar; appeared on an Italian chat show with Catherine Deneuve; accidentally turned a double-decker bus into a single-decker with the help of Ralph Steadman and an ancient yew tree; lived with a large collection of old tins; come close to death by a killer whale and skin heads; hand painted ten metrelong Greenpeace logos on the hulls of ships; created a hot air balloon in the form of a cross-eyed elephant; conceived a talking chameleon; set a nagging Mother Earth upon the unsuspecting public and invented the Power of Nought. Reg was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease in 1995 and in 2009 underwent Deep Brain Stimulation surgery. He subsequently retired, built a studio in the garden and started to paint and draw again! Reg is the Vice Chair of the Trustees of Hampstead School of Art.

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