APPEAL - Dig the School foundations

Help us to dig the NEW art school Foundations. Phase 1 target £450,000.

Autumn at HSoA
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Join Chinese artist, Xiaolan Gu on an unforgettable tour to the Yellow Mountains of Anhui Province in China.

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Tutor Spotlight

Lydia Hardwick, artist and HSoA tutor, talks about her work... Click here 


HSoA, the socially engaged Art School

Video by Shany Stephany | approx 3 minutes

A film showing Rosa Nguyen, artist and HSoA tutor, creating her work 'Living Wall'.

John Close, artist and HSoA tutor, teaches a dynamic Life Drawing class.

Watch "The Birds”, a short film by Foundation Diploma student Kiran Vaswani created as part of her  'Transformation' Pathway Stage project.

Watch Tony Wigg, artist and HSoA tutor, as he works using the beautiful medium of silk.

Watch Desmond Healy, artist and HSoA tutor, draw Ruby Magic, posing for a 10 minute drawing. 

Drawn Together

Video | Created by Tony Marriner and Reg Boorer | approx 3 minutes

Open-air display in Hamptead 1957-62

Mother organisation to HSoA | HSoA history

HSoA reaches out into the community

Seasoned hands at work | 05.08.2012 | large silk painting