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Kenneth Clark K.C.B
Part of our history

Encouraging the meaning
of civilisation creation in the
local Hampstead area

10% off all online orders
for art materials

Offer applies to students who enroll on
their HSoA Autumn course before the
end of the Summer term course

Occasional Workshops - Booking now | 020 7794 1439

Resin and Cold enamel in Jewellery  |  with Clare John

Latest additions to HSoA classes
Studio Ceramics, Animation, Chiaroscuro Painting and Living Composition

Nude pastel drawing

Tutor Spotlight

Caroline Deane  |  Biography  |  Exhibitions

Call for entries | Open art competition

Submit an image for Festival mag cover | NEW Closing date 21 April 

NEW 2D drawing animation course

Saturday Animation class for children age 11+  |  Artist, Louise Wilde

Drawn Together

Video | Created by Tony Marriner and Reg Boorer | approx 3 minutes

Open-air display in Hamptead 1957-62

Mother organisation to HSoA | HSoA history

HSoA reaches out into the community

Seasoned hands at work | 05.08.2012 | large silk painting

Welcome to Hampstead School of Art

The school’s history is embedded in the tradition of direct observation, through drawing, painting and sculpture. Applied arts are practised at a high level of craftsmanship.

Hampstead School of Art (HSoA) is an independently resourced charity and relies on the dedication, enthusiasm and hard work of its tutors and staff and is not reliant on outside funding. We believe that everyone has a creative voice.

The school is non - selective in its weekly courses.

Foundation Diploma students are part of our own accreditation in line with level 4 national standards. The students are encouraged to become creative and thoughtful practitioners, with a knowledge of art history and a facility for critical appreciation.

HSoA also provides a vital community service, through art learning and studio practice, as well as our unique community outreach projects.

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